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Michael Schiavo

Why could Michael Schiavo be Mabus?

Michael Schiavo is the husband of Terri Schiavo. His wife became brain damaged after her heart mysterious stopped and lost oxygen to her brain for seven minutes. He had been fighting with Terri's parents to have Terri's feeding tube removed claiming that Terri didn't want to live that way.

After Terri Schiavo's collapse in 1990 under disputed circumstances, Michael Schiavo won a malpractice lawsuit, promising to use the money for her therapy. Afterward, however, he requested a "do not resuscitate" order, refused therapy and barred stimulation and treatment for infections.

Since Terri's condition, he has a new girlfriend and two children with that woman. Nurses at Terri's Hospice have claimed that he abused Terri making sure that she didn't get any care or rehab. Michael Schiavo once tried to kill his wife Terri with insulin shots, according to a former caregiver for the brain-injured Florida woman. Michael went to court to keep Terri in the hospice and keep cameras out.

Nurses claimed that they heard Michael say: 'When is she gonna die? When is that B-I-T-C-H gonna die? Hasn't she died yet?'

Terri's feeding tube was removed twice. On March 18, 2005, the tube was removed for a third time. His wife died March 31. 2005.


"I think that every American in this country should be outraged, that this government is trampling all over a personal family matter that has been adjudicated indicated in the courts for seven years." - Michael Schiavo

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