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Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Why could Michael Moore be Mabus?

Michael Moore is an American film maker, author and social commentator. He is known for his views on corporations and Bush Administation.

He grew up in Flint, Michigan. His first film was Roger and Me and it was about General Moters closing it's factories in Flint and opened new ones in Mexico. It caused many people in Flint to lose their jobs.

Another one of Moore's films was Bowling for Columbine. It probes the culture of guns and violence in the States. It won the 2003 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

His latest film was Fahrenheit 9/11. The movie examines America in the aftermath of 9/11, links between the Bush family and Bin Laden family. Moore stated he wanted the movie to be seen by millions of people by election day.

Moore is currently working on a film about the American healthcare system. He also planning a sequel to Fahrenheit and film about Bush's handling of Hurricane Katrina.


"You've got the Bush Administration using that event in such a disrespectful and immoral way— using the deaths of those people to try and shred our civil liberties, change our Constitution, round people up. That's not how you honor them, by using them to change our way of life as a free country. " -- Fahrenheit 9/11 .

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