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Yehiya Ayyash

Yehiya Ayyash

Why could Yehiya Ayyash be Mabus?

Ayyash was a hero in the Palestinian slums, but he was number one on Israel's most wanted list. Ayyash, nicknamed "The Engineer" because of his bomb-making skills, had been hunted by the Israelis since 1993. He is suspected of having been behind half a dozen suicide bombings, usually targeting buses. His bombs killed close to 70 Israelis in a 18 month period. He is known as the father the Suicide bombing. Though he was killed on January 5, 1996 by Israel, his Suicide bombing method has not stopped but actually increased with his killing, leading one to think that "suddenly one will see vengence" as noted in the Mabus Quatrain might be taking hold.

The 1996 assassination of Yehiya Ayyash with a booby-trapped cellular phone, widely attributed to Israel's Mossad intelligence agency, was a short-lived victory. Hamas terrorists extracted a heavy price from the Jewish state for killing the man known as "The Engineer." Four revenge attacks in seven days killed dozens and changed the course of Israel's political history.


“The use of human bombs are the most painful way to inflict damage on the Israeli occupation forces" - Yehiya Ayyash in a early 1990's letter to Hamas


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