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What is "The Mabus Project"?
The Mabus Project is nothing less than the complete works of Nostradamus and the dedication to finding out who is Mabus, what is Mabus, and can Mabus be stopped or even if he should be stopped.

Does the Mabus Project Endorse any other links / sites?
Yes we actually do. First we recommend you visit the Nostradamus Society of America's website. The owner of the site, Victor Baines, is the author of an excellent book called "Remember the Future". We suggest you visit his site and purchase his book The Nostradamus Mabus Project also recommends that you visit Nostradamus and the New Prophecy Almanacs. The site has some interesting predictions based on a formula the author, Michael McClellan created. He has stats to backup his predictions.

What are the Mabus Files?
Profiles of potential Mabus

Does the Mabus Project feel that Mabus is the Antichrist or the forerunner to the Antichrist?
Officially the Mabus Project feels that Mabus is the forerunner to the Antichrist. The true Antichrist is found in Century VIII, Quatrain 77

The Mabus Project got awards?
Yes, The Mabus Project has received numerous awards during it's history. We have become highly regarded as the world wide authority on Nostradamus' Mabus.

What is the "Mabus Project Book Authors" password protected link for?
The Mabus Project is currently in the process of writing a book detailing many aspects of the project as well as our findings. Some of our visitors have rights to view the status of the ongoing work.

How do I become part of the book?
The book is being actually written and paid for by the people writing it. In other words it's not free to join this aspect of the Mabus Project. However, the authors do receive credit in the book for their contribution.

Any simple steps to become part of the Mabus Project?
Yes, one simple step would be to link to the project. We have a tendency to let in webmasters that link to the project. The second step would be to subscribe to the Mabus Project Newsletter.

Can I join the database part?
For the most part the answer is no. We contact the people we want to join.

So I cannot get a username and password for the database?
It really depends on many factors. If you feel you qualify then Contact The Mabus Project and ask for consideration.

What is the Mabus Project Newsletter?
We HIGHLY suggest you subscribe to the Newsletter. It's free and it's the initial step on joining the project. In short, no one has a password that is not on that list. The Newsletter also gives you some serious hints on who is Mabus.

What is "The Mabus Project Verified" Banner?
Only trust sites that have the "Mabus Project Verified" banner. It means that we went though the site and verified that there are no hoaxes or lies about Nostradamus posted on that site.

Is this site really run on a floppy disk?
Yes and No. The website is not run on a floppy. We actually have a great Webhosting firm ,Interknights and they take care of us. However a backup is made each night of the FULL site on to a single floppy disk. The pictured floppy could theoretically be the website as the entire contents of the site are stored on that floppy, uncompressed.

Could Mabus Project help me sell my Nostradamus related book?
Yes, we could. Just send an e-mail to

Who is the Anti-Christ?
The false Christ led and controlled by Satan that will be the great world leader during the tribulation, before the second coming of Christ. His objective is to deceive people into following him. He imitates Christ, trying to take the position of God. Also called "The man of sin". He is not Satan himself, but is controlled by Satan. At one point it seems that Satan actually enters him, so it is hard to separate the human man and Satan who controls him. At the beginning of the tribulation he will sign a peace agreement with the world, setting himself up as the head.

Who is Mabus?
Mabus is a subject of much debate, hundreds of years ago Nostradamus wrote the below:

Century II, Quatrain 62
Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will r

Since this, there has been much debate on who or what Mabus is.

Are you not just a bit extreme in the belief of Nostradamus?
No, the uncanny accuracy of his predictions has created a sort of religion based on his writings.

Is Mabus the Anti-Christ?
We do not know. A debate is raging among academics in regards to this.

What is the student program?
It is designed for students to have full access to the Nostradamus text.

So Mabus is a powerful person that rules a country?
No, Mabus could be a minor player such as a terrorist that, in detonating a bomb, triggers WWIII. Do not forget that WWI was started by a minor terrorist.

Can the Anti-Christ be stopped?
We do not know.

Does the Mabus project know who Mabus is?
The Mabus project has access to information that the general public does not. We have a network of intelligence that gathers information to update our database. The network ranges from personnel on the ground to automated and human researchers on the net.

Who funds the Mabus Project?
We are funded privately.

This thing like some Government project?
No, We are privately funded.

Who is The Founder?
The Founder created this site.

How do I contact The Mabus Project?


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