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Who is Min, The Egyptian God ?

Egyptian fertility god. Sometimes given as either the son or consort of Isis. He generally held a flail in his raised right hand and wore a crown surmounted by two tall plumes. Min was a god of male sexuality, and in the New Kingdom (1567-1085 BC) he was honoured in the coronation rites of the pharaohs to ensure their sexual vigour and the production of a male heir.

The "White Bull" appears to have been sacred to him, as was a type of lettuce which bore a resemblance to an erect penis and had a white sap that resembled semen. His most important sanctuaries were at Koptos (Qift) and Akhmim (Panoplis).

Min was also worshipped as a god of desert roads and of travellers. In addition to his role in coronation rites, Min was honoured in harvest festivals during which offerings of lettuce and wheat.

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