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Egyptian Gods

"The Hidden One," a primordial creation-deity
Protector of the liver of the deceased
Egyptian god of the dead
Egyptian cat goddess
Egyptian dwarf god believed to guard against evil spirits and misfortune
Egyptian moon god
Protector of the stomach of the deceased
God of the Earth
God of The Nile
Protector of the lungs of the deceased
Egyptian cow goddess
Goddess who personified generation, birth, and fertility
Egyptian God of the Sky
Egyptian god of healing and the art of medicine
Egyptian mother goddess
Egyptian name for the vital force of life
Ram-headed creator God
Egyptian goddess of truth and justice
Egyptian god of War
Egyptian fertility god
Wife of Amen, mother of Chons
Egyptian god of perfumes and aromatics
Egyptian goddess of the dead
Egyptian goddess of war
Egyptian goddess of the sky and of the heavens
Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation
Egyptian god of arts, crafts, and trades
Protector of the intestines of the deceased
Goddess of love and beauty
Egyptian sun god
Egyptian Fire or Sun Goddess
Scorpion goddess, helper of women in childbirth
Egyptian god of chaos
Egyptian god of the air
Egyptian crocodile god
Hippopotamus goddess and protective deity of childbirth
Egyptian Goddess of rainfall and moisture
Egyptian moon god

Sources: Mabus Project and Compton's Encyclopedia


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