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Who is Horus, The Egyptian God?

Horus is the Egyptian God of the Sky. He was the son of Isis and Osiris. He was conceived by Isis's magic after Osiris had been murdered by Set. Isis raised him in secret to hide him from Set.

When he grew up, he challeged Set to avenge his father and his claim to the throne. In the battle, Horus lost an eye. In one verson, Set was forced to return the eye and in another version Thoth healed it. Horus won the battle and succeed his father as pharaoh.

The sons of Horus guard the jars the hold the organs of a mummified body. Amset guarded the dead person's liver, Hapi guarded the lungs, Duamutef guarded the stomach, and Qebsennuf guarded the intestines. They were seen in funerary scenes.

The symbol of the restored eye was made into a powerful amulet, known as utchat. The Greeks later equated Horus with their god Apollo.

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