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Skull and Bones

In 1832, General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft put together a super secret society for the elite children of the Anglo-American Wall Street banking establishment. William Huntington Russell's step-brother Samuel Russell ran "Russell & Co.", the world's largest drug Opium smuggling operation at the time. Alphonso Taft is the Grandfather of our ex-president Howard Taft.

Only 15 seniors are picked each year by the former graduating class. They are required as a part of their initiation ceremony to lie naked in a coffin and recite their sexual history. This method allows other members to control the individual by threatening to reveal their innermost secrets if they do not "go-along".

The Nostradamus Mabus Project has provided the complete list of the Skull and Bones society. We of course are not 100% sure if this list is the total authority of the Skull and Bones Membership, we might of missed some people and at the same time we might of included someone that didn't belong on the list, however this is our best shot from our research.

Click Here for the The Skull and Bones Membership List

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